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White Zombie, 1 hr 07 min (1932) 

Victor Halperin (Suspense)


Caption: PT

Classification: 16+ 


White Zombie" is a 1932 American horror film directed by Victor Halperin. It is considered one of the first zombie films in cinema history and is known for its dark and frightening aesthetic.

The film's plot focuses on Madeleine Short, a woman who is turned into a zombie by the voodoo of a mysterious Haitian magician named Murder Legendre. In order to save Madeleine, her fiancé, Neil Parker, travels to Haiti to face Legendre and reverse the spell.

"White Zombie" is a truly scary film that is remembered as one of the best horror films of the 1930s. Halperin's skillful direction and intense acting by the cast are highlights of the film and create a frightening and terrifying atmosphere.

Furthermore, the film is notable for its gothic horror aesthetic and its unusual depiction of Haitian culture, which is portrayed in a dark and frightening way. "White Zombie" is a truly memorable film that is a must for fans of the horror genre and cinema in general.

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