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The Brain That Wouldn't, 1 hr 22 min (1962)

Joseph Green (Sci-fi)

Caption: PT

Classification:  16+ 


"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" is a 1962 horror film directed by Joseph Green and written by Green and Rex Carlton. The film follows the story of a brain surgeon, played by Jason Evers, who, after being in a car accident, saves the brain of his fiancée, whose body is seriously injured.

It keeps the brain alive in a solution, looking for a new body to transplant it into. Meanwhile, the bride's brain begins to display personality and supernatural powers, and the surgeon begins to worry about what he has created.

The film is known for its dark and absurd approach to science, presenting a disturbing view of eugenics and the manipulation of life. Furthermore, Jason Evers' performance is effective, skillfully conveying the character's growing hysteria.

Joseph Green's direction is skillful, creating tense and disturbing scenes, and the soundtrack complements the film's frightening atmosphere. The photography is equally effective, capturing the sense of desperation and madness of an out-of-control search.

In short, "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" is an absurd and disturbing horror film that presents a terrifying vision of the manipulation of life. With its absurdist approach, talented acting and skillful direction, the film is a masterpiece of the genre and a frightening journey into the world of inhumane science.

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