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Sabotage, 1 h 16 min (1939) 

Alfred Hitcock (Thriller)


Caption: PT

Classification:  16+ 


Sabotage" is a 1936 British thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The plot follows Verloc, a double cinema owner who hides his true identity as a sabotage agent for an anarchist group. When his wife discovers his true nature, she confronts, triggering a series of events that lead to a shocking outcome.

The film is known for its skillful Hitchcock direction, which uses advanced editing and storytelling techniques to create an atmosphere of tension and suspense. Furthermore, the engaging plot and the strong performances of the actors, especially Sylvia Sidney as Verloc's wife, make "Sabotage" a truly impactful film.

"Sabotage" is considered Hitchcock's masterpiece and a milestone in the history of thriller cinema. His innovative approach to storytelling and skillful direction are seen as precursors to the thriller aesthetic that the director would make famous in his later career.

Furthermore, the film is notable for its social and political critique, which reflects Hitchcock's concern with political tyranny and the danger of propaganda and mass manipulation. In summary, "Sabotage" is an emotional and impactful film that is a must for fans of Hitchcock and the thriller genre in general.

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