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Baring Yourself Ebook


Desnudando-se invites you to delve into the poetic universe of Ananda Scaravelli, actress and poet, through chapters that transcend affections, ancestry and spirituality. They are authorial and unpublished poetry, full of soul, in which the author completely bare herself for those who read. 



The latent subjectivity of existence crosses us, cuts us and makes us pulse. Flesh, the first chapter refers to all that has to do with carnal affections. Blood, the second, to everything that hurts and makes you pulse. Bones, the third, refers to everything that gives us the necessary support to live. Spirit, the fourth chapter, talks about what is ethereal and, also, the constant process of self-knowledge.  And the last one, Ancestry, talks about time and the roots that we have established in the world. Thus, Baring Yourself is an opening of the mind and heart, so that we don't suffocate with the unspoken words. 


120 Page, Poetry

BOOK - Baring Yourself, 120 pages

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