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Nuzzi Filmes wins Best Cinematography award at International Festival"

Dear friends and fans of Nuzzi Filmes,

It is with great excitement that we announce that we have just won the Canon award for Best Cinematography at the prestigious Filmworks Film Festival. But that's not all, our film also won honorable mention for Best Editing and Best Cinematography at the 7 Fixion Fest in Chile, a special recognition for our photography team. This is a huge recognition for us and our team, and we are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of this film.

Nuzzi Filmes was awarded the Canon award for best photography at the Filmworks Film Festival, thanks to the tireless work of cinematographers Igor Santos and José Victor Gomes.

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"Solicita Alma" is a nine-minute experimental horror film directed by Henrique Nuzzi. With subtitles in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, the film was rated for ages 16 and over.

The story follows four parallel narratives that come together to form a fractured nightmare. The film focuses on a clown's quest for an eternal journey of aesthetic perfection, where fears come to life. A tormented man's childhood nightmares come to life as clowns, shadows and magical beings take him on a playful and electrifying journey.

The film explores the shadows of the collective unconscious through the technique and aesthetic refinement of the moving image. The mix of dramatic and playful elements shows the need to break the chains of the past in order to survive a punishing reality. Vibrant and striking colors create a dreamlike environment, with fantastic and terrifying figures transiting through the memories of a tormented man. Is this movie just a dream?

"Solicita Alma" has been an incredible journey for all of us, from writing the script to finishing the film. The team has worked tirelessly to bring this story to life, and we are extremely proud of the end result. The impeccable photography and breathtaking scenes are thanks to the use of the canon ios m200 camera that was sponsored by canon.

This award is a testament to the talent and dedication of our creative team, including our directors, writers, actors and production team. We also want to thank all of our sponsors and partners, including Canon, without whom this film would not be possible.

We invite you to check out "Solicita Alma" in its next exhibition at the Festivals. We're confident you'll fall in love with this story as much as we do.

Nuzzi Filmes is a film production company dedicated to the production of films of different genres, including experimental horror, horror, action, drama, comedy and science fiction. With an innovative and creative approach, the company seeks to tell impactful stories and challenge public expectations. In addition, Nuzzi Filmes is also dedicated to the production of authorial content, such as documentaries, short films and music videos, making room for new talent and less conventional stories. The company is also committed to film criticism, regularly publishing reviews and commentary on recent and classic films. If you are a movie lover and are always looking for news and emotions, Nuzzi Filmes is the right choice.

The Nuzzi Filmes team.

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