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Classification: 16+ 


The 39 Steps, 1 hr 26 min (1935) 

Alfred Hitchcock (Suspense)


The 39 Steps" is a 1935 British thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is based on the novel of the same name by John Buchan and tells the story of Richard Hannay, a bachelor who finds himself involved in an international plot after meeting a mysterious woman who Hannay is accused of murder and must flee to prove his innocence, while being pursued by the real criminals and the police.

The action-mystery plot is known for its fast pace and surprising plot twists, as well as being one of the first Hitchcocks productions to explore his fascination with ordinary men involved in dangerous situations. The film is considered a classic thriller and was an influence for several later films in the genre.

In addition to directing, Hitchcock also signed the script along with Charles Bennett and was responsible for designing the film's visual effects, including scenes with miniatures and models of trains and planes. Robert Donat's performance as Hannay is praised for its natural performance and dry humor.

In short, "The 39 Steps" is a masterpiece of suspense and one of Hitchcock's first productions to establish him as a master of the genre. Its gripping screenplay, convincing performances and skillful direction make this film a true adventure for the spectator.

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