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Dead That Kill, 1 h 26 min (1964)

Ubaldo Ragona (Sci-fi)


Caption: PT, EN, ES, FR



"The Last Man on Earth" is a 1964 horror film directed by Ubaldo Ragona and directed by Sidney Salkow. The film follows the story of a man, played by Vincent Price, who is the last survivor of a deadly pandemic that has killed the majority of humanity.


He struggles to survive in an empty world, finding shelter in a church and facing constant threats from the undead that roam the city. When he meets a woman, played by Franca Bettoia, who is still alive, he begins to fight to protect her from a series of dangers, including the undead.


The film is known for its dark and frightening approach to zombies, offering a terrifying vision of an apocalyptic world. Furthermore, Vincent Price's performance is commendable, perfectly conveying the anguish and loneliness of being the last survivor in the world. Ubaldo Ragona's direction is skillful, creating tense and frightening scenes, and the soundtrack complements the film's dark atmosphere. The photography is equally effective, capturing the sense of despair and loneliness of an empty world.


In short, "The Last Man on Earth" is a well-executed horror film that offers a frightening vision of an apocalyptic world. With its dark approach, talented acting and skillful direction, the film is a masterpiece of the genre and a terrifying journey into the world of the undead.

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