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Metropolis, 2 hours 30 minutes (1927)

Fritz Lang (Sci-fi)


Caption: PT

Classification:  12+ 


"Metropolis" is a 1927 German science fiction film directed by Fritz Lang. The story takes place in a futuristic city divided into two parts: an upper city inhabited by the rich and powerful, and a lower city inhabited by workers. The story follows the son of a tycoon from the upper city, Freder, who descends to the lower city and falls in love with Maria, a working-class leader who fights for equality between classes.

The upper city of Metropolis is portrayed as a place of luxury and advanced technology, while the lower city is shown as a dark, suffocating place where workers live in poor conditions and work long hours in factories. The film shows the inequality and oppression of the working classes and the lack of empathy from upper city leaders.

The film also presents a strong critique of automation and job losses, themes that are still relevant today. The main character, Freder, represents the need for unity between classes and the search for true social justice. The plot is enriched with science fiction elements, such as robots and futuristic scenarios, and also with elements of drama and romance.

In short, "Metropolis" is an iconic and revolutionary science fiction film directed by Fritz Lang. It offers a futuristic vision of society, portraying inequality between classes and the lack of empathy from the upper city's leaders. The story follows the main character, Freder, in his search for true social justice and unity between the classes. With a stunning visual aesthetic and elements of science fiction, drama and romance, "Metropolis" is a film that continues to be admired and studied to this day.

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