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Limit, 1h58min (1933)

Mario Peixoto (Experimental)


Caption: PT

Classification:  16+ 


"Limite" is a 1931 silent experimental Brazilian film, directed by Mário Peixoto. The film was released in 1933 and is considered a landmark in Brazilian cinema and one of the most important works in the history of world cinema.


The film tells the story of three people who are adrift at sea in a small boat. As they fight for survival, each of them remembers important moments in their lives. The film has no dialogue, and the narrative is driven mainly through images and the soundtrack. "Limit" is famous for its innovative cinematographic technique, which includes a series of complex and creative shots and cuts, as well as an innovative use of shadows and lights. The film is also known for its stunning cinematography and its moving and expressive soundtrack, which includes excerpts from works by composers such as Beethoven and Debussy.


Although "Limite" was not a box office success at the time of its release, the film is now widely recognized as a masterpiece of Brazilian cinema and an important contribution to the history of world cinema. The film influenced many later filmmakers, including Orson Welles and Jean Cocteau, and is still studied and admired by moviegoers around the world.

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