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Classification: 16+ 


Les Vampires, Series  (1915) 

10 episodes (Horror)


"Les Vampires" is a 1915 French film directed by Louis Feuillade. It is considered one of the first horror films of all time. The film follows the story of a gang of criminals known as "Les Vampires", led by the beautiful but dangerous Irma Vep. They are involved in a range of crimes including kidnappings, robberies and murders. Journalist Philippe Guerande tries to unravel the mystery behind the gang and unmask the identity of Irma Vep.


"Les Vampires" is one of the most important examples of serial films of its time, with episodes extending over several hours. The film is known for its influence on the horror genre and for its ambitious production, including action scenes and advanced visual effects for the time. Musidora's performance as Irma Vep is widely regarded as one of the most impactful in film history. She portrayed the character with a combination of charm, seduction and menace, becoming an icon of the horror genre.


"Les Vampires" is also known for its innovative approach to media and storytelling, including the use of journalists as main characters and the inclusion of suspense and action elements. The film is still influential today, having been referenced in many modern horror films.


In summary, "Les Vampires" is an important work in the history of horror cinema, known for its influence on the genre, its ambitious production and its iconic performance. It is a valuable work for those interested in the history of cinema and the evolution of the horror genre.

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