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Classification: 16+ 


Faust, 1 hr 48 min (1926

FW Murnau (Horror)


"Faust" is a 1926 German silent film based on the play "Faust" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The film is directed by FW Murnau and is considered one of the greatest silent films in cinema history.


The film's story follows the character of Mephistopheles, a demon who offers power and wealth to a desperate young scientist, Dr. Faust, in exchange for his soul. The film explores themes such as the quest for knowledge and the price of ambition.


Murnau's direction and performances are praised for how they manage to convey the story without speaking, just through gestures and facial expressions. The cinematography is remarkable, including the use of innovative visual effects to represent the demon and the devil.


The film was a critical and commercial success at the time of its release and is widely regarded as a milestone in film history. To this day, "Faust" is appreciated for its ability to tell an ancient story in an engaging and timeless way.


All in all, "Faust" is a film notable for its direction, cinematography and performances. It is an important piece of film history that continues to be admired and studied today.

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