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Carnival of Souls, 1 h 18 min (1962)

Herk Harvey (Suspense)


Subtitle: PT

Rating: 16+

Carnival of Souls" is a 1962 horror film directed by Herk Harvey. The story follows Mary Henry, a young woman who survives a car accident and begins to experience strange and haunting visions. She is drawn to an abandoned town known as " Carnival of Souls", where she faces a series of sinister events and finds herself trapped in a supernatural world.

The film is known for its dark and sinister atmosphere, and its unique and surreal approach to the horror genre. The haunting plot and dark direction create a sense of tension and fear, and the underlying message about death and the afterlife is still relevant today.

Additionally, "Carnival of Souls" has been influenced and parodied by many other horror films over the years, and is widely considered a classic of the genre. If you are a fan of horror, suspense and psychological suspense films, "Carnaval das Almas" is an unmissable work that deserves to be seen.

The minimalist soundtrack and the use of dark visual effects contribute to creating an atmosphere of suspense and fear, and the protagonist's solid performance amplifies the tension and intensity of the story. In summary, "Carnaval das Almas" is a classic horror film that is a must for fans of the genre.

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