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Attack of the Giant Leeches, 1 h 02 min (1959)

Bernard L. Kowalski (Sci-fi)

Subtitle: PT

Rating: 16+

Attack of the Giant Leeches" is a 1959 American horror film about giant amphibious monsters that threaten a small rural community in Louisiana. The film begins with people mysteriously disappearing in the local swamp. Although some people believe it is an alligator, giant, a local hunter named Dave Steven (played by Ken Clark) begins to investigate and discovers that giant amphibious monsters are responsible for the disappearances.


Dave and local police officer Art (played by Yvette Vickers) work together to find and destroy the creatures. They discover that the creatures live in a cave underwater and that they are using the cave to hide their human prey. Dave and Art face many obstacles along the way, including fear from the local population and opposition from a scientist who doesn't believe in the monsters' existence.


At the end of the film, Dave and Art manage to destroy the creatures, but not before facing an intense fight with the creatures. The film ends with the local people being relieved to have been freed from the threat of the monsters. The central message of the film is the importance of unity and determination in the fight against evil.

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